Meet Elm Law’s Newest Family Lawyer – Misha Leslie

Please join us in welcoming Misha Leslie into the Elm Law family.

At Elm Law, we believe in bringing aboard professionals who don’t just excel in the legal arena but represent the core values cherished by the families we represent. Misha Leslie’s recent legal victories highlight a deep expertise and commitment to championing the rights of clients in family law matters.

Misha arrives at Elm Law with a commendable track record from the Benmor Family Law Group, where for the last five years, he has honed his skills and demonstrated his commitment to his clients’ well-being.

Misha has received a Bachelor of Commerce in Business, a Management Degree from Ryerson University, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Kent, and a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School. 

At Elm Law, we understand that navigating family law matters can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. 

Misha’s legal expertise encompasses the gamut of family law proceedings, including mediation, arbitration, and high-stakes trials. His approach to handling high conflict disputes around property equalization, support, and parenting resonates with his personal mantra of fostering justice, especially for those left in unfair predicaments. His success isn’t just measured by outcomes, but by the resolution he brings to the lives affected.

Our clients will benefit from Misha’s membership in prestigious legal communities such as the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) – Ontario Chapter, the Ontario Bar Association, The Advocate’s Society, and the Toronto Lawyers Association. These memberships represent his commitment to staying abreast of the evolving landscape of family law and his investment in the community he serves.

Away from the legal world, Misha is a self-proclaimed foodie and film buff. He enjoys traveling,  running, cooking and studying the intersections of health and wellness.

If family law is feeling overwhelming, or if you’re in need of compassionate and proficient legal counsel, reach out to Elm Law. Misha Leslie is here to extend a supporting hand as you navigate your family law challenges.

Click here to contact us or call 647-951-0744 today to schedule your meeting with Misha Leslie and take the first step toward resolving your family law matter with confidence.

If you’d like to read more about Misha, below, we showcase Misha’s expertise through a summary of notable legal cases he has played a key role in, serving clients with diligence and excellence.

Misha’s track record speaks volumes of his proficiency and compassion, making him an invaluable asset to our firm.

Legal Case Summaries Misha Has Been Involved In:

Case 1: Bakhsh v. Merdad, 2022 ONCA 130

In a complex legal battle centering on property rights post-annulment, Misha Leslie and   Steve Benmor represented Bakhsh’s rightful claims over a condominium in Ontario. 

Despite the respondent’s ex-husband’s attempt to dismiss the action, citing various procedural and jurisdictional defenses, it was effectively demonstrated that Ontario courts had appropriate jurisdiction, with Saudi Arabian law (their last joint habitual residence) governing the claim. 

Undeterred by arguments of res judicata and statutory limitations, Misha pivoted the client’s claim away from ‘equalization’ and towards trust principles, advocating that his client was entitled to a 100% beneficial interest in the property. This resulted in a recognition of his client’s claims and a reclassification to the family law list, setting a precedent for property rights amid cross-jurisdictional issues.

Case 2: Pinnock v. Pinnock, 2021 ONSC 4155

In a case that put the veracity of both parties under scrutiny, the pivotal issue revolved around determining their exact separation date.

The implications of this ruling were significant as they had the potential to influence consequential decisions regarding property and spousal support. 

Misha assisted Steve Benmor in representing the applicant, Dorothy Pinnock.  Misha’s adept handling of this case, inclusive of his articulate presentation of evidence and cross-examination strategies, underscores his talent in unraveling complex marital disputes while placing his clients’ best interests at the forefront.

Through a mid-trial evidentiary objection, Misha’s effective advocacy helped turn the tide in his client’s favor, particularly in confronting the opposing party with previously undisclosed documentation. 

The constellation of challenges could not obscure Misha’s legal acumen, as he highlighted key facts and ushered forth a sense of clarity amidst a nebulous sea of allegations.

Throughout his rigorous representation, Misha remained a steadfast pillar of support for his client, underscoring his dedication to justice and his craft.

Case 3 – Lakhtakia v. Mehra, 2022 ONSC 201

In the case of Lakhtakia v. Mehra, we see a detailed examination of income determination for child and spousal support alongside concerns of child abduction. Steven Benmor and Misha Leslie, represented Jyoti Lakhtakia, the applicant, while Elena Mazinani defended Vineet Mehra, the respondent.

The crux of the case focused on ascertaining the husband’s income to establish his obligations towards child support and spousal maintenance. Another critical consideration was whether the father’s time with their seven-year-old daughter should be supervised due to the mother’s fear of possible abduction to countries not party to the Hague Convention.

Both parties are originally from India and were initially classmates at the University of Windsor, leading to their marriage in India in 2008. The marriage, however, encountered turbulence, resulting in separation after the birth of their child. The mother raised concerns about infidelity, assault, and threats by the respondent, leading her to flee to Canada with their daughter.

After a comprehensive 12-day trial, including several expert reports and evidence, the court ruled in favor of the applicant, granting her sole decision-making responsibility with allegations of family violence playing a critical role. The verdict underscored the importance of safeguarding the child’s interest and ensuring fair financial support obligations.

The case demonstrates a meticulous approach to handling sensitive family law issues while advocating for the client’s interests and child welfare.

Misha Leslie’s role in this case serves as an excellent example of legal expertise and commitment to client advocacy – vital qualities when it comes to the complexities of family law.

Case 4 – Hart v. Fullarton, 2020 ONSC 6804

In the case of Hart v. Fullarton, the discussion was centered around whether the applicant was considered a “spouse” under Part III of the Family Law Act, which would influence her entitlement to spousal support from the respondent. Initially, the applicant also laid claim to an interest in the respondent’s property but withdrew this claim as the trial commenced.

Misha assisted Steve Benmor as the Respondent’s representative in this case.  The Respondent contended that the Applicant was not a spouse and sought to have the claim for support dismissed. Furthermore, the Respondent moved for a declaration deeming the applicant a vexatious litigant, intended to prevent further unnecessary legal action.

In the end, the Applicant’s Application was dismissed in its entirety and the Respondent was victorious. Also the Applicant was cautioned to not commence any further proceeding against the Respondent in any court except with leave of a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.    



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