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The Ontario Court of Appeal recently released a decision in the case of Tanti v. Tanti, 2021 ONCA 71[1], which was an appeal from a decision in large part on the test for capacity to marry.  At the heart of the matter was a son who characterized his late father’s marriage

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The Long Walk…To The Bar

Being called to the Bar during a global pandemic has added to an already-interesting journey for me. In 2021, there was no official ceremony, no opportunity to wear the robes of a litigator and no one to shake hands with. There was, however, a cake adorned with tabs, delivered to

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Considerations For Serving LGBT2SQ Clients As They Age

Elder law practitioners should be aware of the special circumstances that may impact the lives of their LGBT2SQ clients as they age, as these circumstances will have a direct impact on how legal practitioners may want to advise their clients in planning for incapacity or death. TERMINOLOGY In order to

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Grandparents Have Rights Too

As a grandparent, it can be extremely challenging to watch your own child go through a divorce.  To watch your child face the emotions and finances of a failed relationship is heartbreaking.  But when there are children involved it adds another layer of complications.  Who will they live with?  How

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Thinking of Divorce?

The first thing you need to do is find a lawyer you trust. When it comes to Family Law and Child Custody, make sure you are set up for success even before you tell your spouse.

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