What We Do

Our firm is focused on providing legal advice in two areas: Estate Litigation and Family Law. We opened the firm in 2016 with the goal of focusing the practice on these two specialized areas of law in order to better serve the public. We chose estate law and family law because the two compliment each other and we foresaw that there was a need for a firm who understood the unique challenges presented when family and estate concerns intersect.

Family law

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Support Claims

Whether you’re concerned about a child support or spousal support issue, we can assist you in this complex area of law. You don’t want to get stuck with a bad deal. We will advocate for your full entitlements.

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Custody & Access

Nothing is more important than your children. We will be your advocate to assist with the stressful legal process to secure your rights to decision making authority and parenting time with your children.
Dividing property assets

Property Division

We can assist with claims for married and unmarried couples. Equalization and trust claims are fact dependent and detailed oriented. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you receive your fair share.

Our other Family Law Practices

• Child Custody

• Child Support

• Equalization Payments

• Marriage Contracts

• Adoption

• Independent Legal Advice

Estate litigation

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Will Challenges and Defences

If a loved one has died and there is a problem with the will, we can help challenge the will. We’ve helped clients where wills were made under duress, without sufficient mental capacity by the person making the will, and other issues. We can also help if a will is being challenged unfairly.

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Power of Attorney Disputes

We can help you by challenging a power of attorney that should not have been provided, such as when the person giving it did not have sufficient mental capacity or was under duress when they provided it, as well as as a power of attorney that is misused.

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Elder Law

Elder law encompasses all types of law that affect older adult. We can help you with all aspects of this niche area of law, including elder abuse, gray divorce and disputes about care with family members.

Our other Estate Litigation Practices

• Contested Passing of Accounts

• Unjust Enrichment Claims

• Guardianship Applications

• Capacity Disputes

• Quantum Meruit Claims

• Dependents’ Support and Relief Claims