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Whitby Family Lawyer
Whitby Family Lawyer

“Amelia was my legal representative during my marital separation. Throughout a very difficult time, she offered excellent advice and incredible support. Amelia was professional, patient, empathetic and thorough. She guided me through the process with immense care and understanding, especially when it came to child custody and residency negotiations. I am so grateful to have had such a brilliant and compassionate advocate at a very critical time in my life.”

B.M., Toronto

“My mum passed away in November of 2015. She had a very small bank account (like very small!) in Northern Ireland. For the life of me, I could not get that settled even after numerous efforts with the personnel in that bank. I finally had to engage a lawyer—not my style—but, I was stuck!
Well, was I lucky in my selection process! Amelia Yiu of Elm Law in Whitby, Ontario was professional, efficient and, above all, human, compassionate and fun!”

P.S. Toronto, Ontario

“I remember feeling scared, sad, broken and defeated. Nothing prepares you for the storm and aftermath of a bitter and devastating separation and divorce. You worry about your children and how they will be forever changed and affected by this huge life altering event. Then, I met Stephanie Ostrom. I knew instantly she was going to help me navigate through the rough times ahead. Stephanie was brilliant, kind and professional. I could sense I had the right lawyer on my side. Now, I know for sure, I did.”

R.W. Durham, Ontario

“My experience with Stephanie was great. She has a warm, understanding nature and makes you feel totally comfortable during the entire experience. She is knowledgeable, her correspondence is professional and respectful. She was very well prepared for court and rocked it; we managed to settle all issues in a very short period of time. My ex used a high priced Toronto lawyer…don’t waste your money !!
I would recommend Stephanie for any family law matters, you will be in good hands.”

I.T. Durham, Ontario

“I had recently contacted Amelia Yiu at Elm Law in Whitby concerning a sensitive family matter regarding my late mother’s will. I was met with understanding and respect for my situation and received an honest and realistic assessment of my legal options.
The issues I had were brought to a swift conclusion thanks to Amelia and her staff at Elm Law.
Anyone seeking a knowledgeable, sincere opinion on their legal situation should seek the services of Elm Law.”

K.T., Pickering, Ontario