Grandparents Have Rights Too

As a grandparent, it can be extremely challenging to watch your own child go through a divorce. 

To watch your child face the emotions and finances of a failed relationship is heartbreaking.  But when there are children involved it adds another layer of complications.  Who will they live with?  How will they be supported?  How much access will your child have to their children? 

You’re processing all of this for your child, but your overriding question remains: “when can I see my grandchildren?!”

Of course, that’s not likely the first and foremost thing your child is worrying about in the midst of their separation, especially with the changes to the Divorce Act in April 2021.  

The good news is, you do have rights. 

The court wants to make sure that children are not losing contact with their entire extended families. 

However, it may be necessary for you to get your own lawyer to assert those rights.

Here’s the reason why:  Your child’s lawyer is not responsible for protecting the entire extended family. They’re only looking after his or her own client. 

And your motivations and your needs may not match your child’s wants and needs at this time. 

The longer you wait for access, the harder it’s going to be to get it. 

You may even have to ask the court to reintroduce you to the child and that can be a difficult and stressful process. 

We recommend you acquire your own lawyer for at least a general consultation, if you find yourself facing this particularly difficult area of family law. 

If you are in this position and have questions why not go with the firm that’s won 93% of our cases in court from 2016 to present?

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