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Nothing is more important than your children.

We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, and unfortunately, children are affected more than most.

Call for a consultation and let us help you defend your custody rights. Your child's best interest is our highest priority.

We will lead you through the stressful legal process to secure your rights so you can make the best decisions for your children.

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COVID-19 Info

Elm Law was uniquely ready to meet the unforeseeable challenges with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic as we had transitioned to a fully remote capable system in December 2019. As a result, we were able to transition to working remotely without interruption. We have full video chat capability and are conducting all consultations and meetings via telephone and video conferencing, depending on the client's preference. We also have embraced remote signing to ensure that in person appointments are kept to a bare minimum, if at all. In short, it's business as usual at Elm Law. 

The Courts are still open and fully functioning during the pandemic. All family law hearings are being held via video conferencing.



93% of our cases won in court from 2016 to present.*


We explain legal issues to our clients in clear, straightforward terms.


We are passionate about our clients and advocating for their best interests.


Voted as one of three top law firms in Whitby/Oshawa in 2019 and 2020.

We Can Help Answer the Following Questions:

  • How do I modify the current order for child support & child custody?
  • How  can I get full custody of my children?
  • Do grandparents have visitation rights to their grandchildren?
  • How do I protect children from dangerous guardians/parents?
  • How do courts determine who gets custody of children in a divorce? 
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We Don't Do Free Consultations

The first step, is to book a meeting with a lawyer. This allows you to explain thesituation, ask all of the questions you want and leave with a clear idea of your options and a strategy to move forward. If you have a real issue, there's no point in wasting time.

For that reason, we provide legal advice in our initial meetings and the meeting is charged at the lawyer’s hourly rate. We want to ensure that the meeting is as helpful as possible for you.

There is no obligation after the initial meeting to retain a lawyer.

Most of the time, we’ll advise you to think about your options before moving forward. This is the best use of a limited amount of funds in order to move your case forward.

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